If you’ve ever felt the sun on your face or the wind in your hair and thought, “wow, this is beautiful.” There’s a good reason for that. Laura Ingalls Wilder said, “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” 

And as a hair salon, FINDING BEAUTY EVERYWHERE IS WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO, every day - in the work we do, in the people we meet, and in the places we go.

So it’s only natural that our path to beauty is through nature. And it only makes sense to us to be able to share that beauty with everyone. If you purchased a hometown sweatshirt or t-shirt during Earth Month this year, you made this tree planting day in Lake Elmo Park Reserve possible!

We were able to check in on our field of sugar maples we planted last year and improve an area with the strength and support of pin cherries, yellow birch, and bur oak trees.

We have so much gratitude for the crew at Washington County Parks and all they do to provide spaces of nature. And for working with us on this mission to come together and take care of home!

“1, 2, 3, SAY TREES!” 🌳