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The Beauty & Wellness of our Community

A year ago, we saw the beauty & wellness of the parks in our community. We set out to give back in a way that people of all ages & interests could enjoy. A year later, we see the beauty & wellness of our community because of the parks. Spring, summer, fall & winter - it has been your experiences exploring the great outdoors year round that continue to give this light.  Hikes with friends, swims with kids & grandkids, walks with pets running, biking & skiing the trails school field trips, day camps, camping senior photos, engagement photos, family photos, weddings picnics, painting, photography star gazing, kayaking, sunset paddleboarding & yoga. Along the way, we've met & learned from amazing experts who collaborate...

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To celebrate Earth Day 2021, we came up with the idea to sell hometown sweatshirts at establish salon and donate all proceeds to the Lake Elmo Park Reserve. Our focus was to spread awareness for nature and conservation in the community we work and live in, and to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.  We loved the idea of making a sweatshirt that could be worn doing all the fun activities: walking, hiking, or biking the trails, archery, camping, canoeing, lounging by the lake, boating, gardening, grocery shopping, or dinner on the deck.  If we were excited to wear them, we thought others might be, too.   The response from the community was absolutely amazing. When the Earth Day campaign was over, we...

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