About Us

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, we started making and selling sweatshirts at establish salon and donating all proceeds to the Lake Elmo Park Reserve. We have a beautiful community and wanted to give back in a way that promoted access to nature close to home.

We chose the Lake Elmo Park Reserve because 80% of it's acreage is set aside for preservation and protection of nature and wildlife. It is also a beautiful backdrop for outdoor activities that people of all ages and interests can enjoy.

We have since expanded to donating to Washington County Parks in an effort to contribute to trail planning and enhancement, nature based programs for youth, and reforestation efforts throughout the parks. 

The response from the community has been tremendous so we continued our campaign on this platform for anyone who wants to participate in supporting the parks.  

Thank you for your purchase and we hope you enjoy your Lake Elmo & Stillwater apparel and all the activities you do while wearing it!

-Gaby & Ninna  

establish salon owners and Lake Water Clothing founders